Friday, February 06, 2015

February Friday Random Ten

Another Friday, nothing special - pretty awful week of work, and worse week to get around town in. Snow! Ancient infrastructure! some kind of disturbance in the streets midweek - here I am, trying to get to Starbucks, and all these people are out taking pictures of something in the street. Maybe this was a line to get on the Green Line shuttle busses, I don't know.

Anyway - just music - here goes:

1. Husker Du - Dead Set on Destruction [Like Boston's Olympic aspirations!]
2. Jimmy Dawkins - Triple Trebles
3. Jane's Addiction - Ocean Sized
4. Deerhoof - Running Thoughts
5. Staples Singers - Uncloudy Day
6. Motorhead - Ace of Spades
7. Minutemen - Tour Spiel
8. My Bloody Valentine - To Here Knows When
9. Rolling Stones - Stray Cat Blues
10. Pere Ubu - Texas Overtures

All right - iTunes is being very, very generous today. That's a nice bunch of songs. So video? Jane's Addiction - no talkin' man, all action:

And smething truly nostalgic - Pere Ubu performing live in a Borders bookstore - do they evenhave books anymore?

And finally - not that we've seen many of these - Uncloudy Day, Staples Singers:

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