Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Music - Still Winter!

Another Friday, running late again, so this will be quick. Hope this weekend I'l manage to get up a post about the Oscars - not really about the Oscars, of course, more like my own private awards. We shall try!

Meanwhile, I must soon go out into the cold again - and I mean COLD. Winter has staked its claim this year, oh, it has. Looks like it might warm up a bit over the weekend - just enough to rain a bit, create a whole mess of slush and water to promptly freeze solid Monday. You wouldn't think it could get much worse around here, but that's one way: turn half that snow into ice and watch the fun!

Enough. let's hope music can serve as a comfort. Yep.

1. Blondie - Heart of Glass
2. Husker Du - Standing by the Sea
3. Cranberries - Dreams
4. Of Montreal - October is Eternal
5. fIREHOSE - Number Seven
6. Brave New World - Train Kept A-rollin'
7. Linda Ronstadt - Long, Long Time
8. Little Feat - Forty Four Blues/How many more years
9. Gentle Giant - Dog's Life
10. Ryan Adams - Sweet Black Magic

Not a bad bunch of songs there... Now some video? Blondie is a good place to start (complete with a political rap interlude!):

Cranberries video:

Which seems to require Faye Wong's version,with some help from Wong ar-wei and Christopher Doyle:

And we'll end with Linda Ronstadt, because we can, and how can you not?:

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