Friday, January 15, 2016

Ain't No Need of Crying

Happy Friday. Not very happy, is it? Somehow, the bad new from the entertainment world keeps coming - before people got over the shock of David Bowie's death, we're faced with Alan Rickman's. I wish he'd played Sherlock Holmes somewhere - he was this generations Basil Rathbone, and ought to have gotten a shot at Rathbone's most famous role. Alas. He was mind-bogglingly good in a lot of film - too few of which had anything else going for them. He stole most of them, even the good ones, without seeming ruffled in it - what can you say. He'll be missed.

Well - miserable news that is, but the world goes on. It's a Friday, and we need some music. So - randomize! time to randomize!

1. Warren Zevon - Accidentally Like a Martyr
2. Gomez - Song in My Heart
3. Kings of Leon - Dusty
4. Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Hammer Song
5. Sleater Kinney - Not What You Want
6. The Bards - My Generation
7. Rance Allen - Ain't No Need of Crying
8. PJ Harvey - Happy and Bleeding
9. PJ Harvey - Working for the Man (where did the randomizer go wrong? though Polly Jean is a welcome place to stick, I suppose)
10. Red Krayola - The Story So Far

And some Video? How about Rickman as Rathbone in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves? These seem to be deleted scenes - though it makes you wonder why they didn't delete all the scenes with Costner and just make a Sheriff of Nottingham movie. Rickman's all I remember from it...

Such as - Call off Christmas!

And some music - here's Warren Zevon:

And how about Rance Allen, because there ain't no need of crying when it's raining:

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