Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Random Ten

Pure Randomness!

1. The Pogues - The Gentleman Soldier
2. Little Feat - Crack in the Door
3. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - If Gravity Lulls, I can Hear the World Pant
4. Pearl Jam - Release
5. Devo - Gates of Steel
6. Velvet Underground - The Murder Mystery
7. Heavens to Betsy - Paralyzed
8. Vernon Reid & Masque - Brilliant Corners
9. Beck, Bogert & Appice - Lady
10. Nick Cave & Bad Seeds - Darker with the Day

It must be said - the randomizer is doing it's job today - nice variety, some semi-obscurity, deep album tracks from the acts iTunes is full of (Velvets, Nick Cave, various incarnations of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, who I think managed to release a record a week for a few years in the middle of the 00s, and anyone who can play guitar like that, I'm gonna buy all of it), and all of it interesting - it might prove a challenge to come up with video, though.

If I go with substitutes though - here's Vernon Reid playing with Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Calvin Weston, which should satisfy your free jazz/funk/fusion needs:

And why not - here's Omar Rodriguez-Lopez working the not-Mars Volta side of the house...

And I suppose, following through with the conceit - here's the other big guitar hero on the list, playing something not on the list - Jeff Beck doing his thing in 1999 for Conan, making a piece of completely generic boogie almost bearable:

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