Friday, October 21, 2011

No Rapture? Well - Music then!

Another slothful week, and another randomly generated list. I suppose I could have rooted around looking for topical connections - we have another dead dictator; the world has apparently not come to an end; the Rangers have tied the world series - well? Let's see what iTunes says.

1. Charlie Parker - Cheers
2. Charlie Parker - this is Always - with vocals by Earl Coleman [and again I ask - 13,000+ songs and 2 from the same record come up in a row? strange, though welcome.]
3. Glenn Gould - Piano Contrapunctus IV [iTunes is going high brow so far...]
4. Pere Ubu - Misery Goats [live, acoustic version, from Apocalypse Now - not that is timely!]
5. Waterboys - Upon the Wind and the Waves
6. Jim Reid - I'm Stranded
7. Young Marble Giants - Sporting Life [go Rangers!]
8. Pink Floyd - One of My Turns [if I did manage a theme, it would probably be to do with Pink Floyd, as I recently snagged a pile of their remastered music...]
9. Love - Orange Skies
10. Danielson Famille - Fathom the Nine Fruits Pie [from Fetch the Compass Kids, one of the many records better than This is It in 2001.]

Video? a Sax chorus playing Cheers.

And Glenn Gould himself:

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Nick du Plessis said...

Gould's AotF organ pieces are genuinely chilling.

Here's a song about the Rapture and the attendant mindset:

Greetings from Reno, NV