Sunday, October 02, 2011

Rio Lobo

Another lazy Sunday - and since I was watching this one... if I were called on to make some simple remarks, I might say how much it feels like a silent movie, with some interpolated sound scenes. The dialogue is very on the nose - all exposition and attempts at banter (whether the banter is lacking or the actors bantering aren't up to it, I'm not sure - some of both I guess) - but the imagery remains - delightful. Slyly delightful, I guess - efficient, effective action scenes - lots of nicely framed shots of people hanging around... a pleasure all around.

Loading the MacGuffin:

I will seldom miss the chance to post a picture of a train:

Here comes trouble, in the form of a woman:

Though it being Hawks, she will be soon be one of the boys:

Hanging around:

There is a plot, though, advancing in casually - but look how carefully! - composed and staged shots like this....


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