Friday, March 23, 2012

Clinging to the Rituals - Friday Random Ten

Somehow, I have fallen into a terrible writing slump - not just for this blog. I don't know why, it drives me crazy, but there it is. I can't even muster the will to loose the occasional tweet on the world. It's maddening. Anyway - I can hope, these things come and go, and this one will go again - and meanwhile, keep the lights on here any way I can. And so? Random Friday etc!

1. Melt Banana - Lock your Head
2. Gomez - Charlie Patton Songs
3. Sonic Youth - Pipeline/Kill Time
4. Mercury Rev - Opus 40
5. Elastica - Smile
6. Cream - Sitting on Top of the World
7. Madvillain - Rainbows
8. The Who - A Man in a Purple Dress [of that new record, of all things - I have good WHo music on here, why is this coming up?]
9. Built to Spill - Liar
10. Johnny Cash - Send a Picture to Mother

Video? How about a Mercury Rev video?

I can't find an actual video of Madvillain doing Rainbows - but here's Accordion, cause - I should post some Madvillain/MF Doom once in a hwile, shoulnd't I?

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