Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Music Again

Friday - I find myself falling back into bad habits - a postless week? a busy week it must be said, with a weekend away (Vermont and other points north), then way too much to keep me entertained at home - Champions League games to watch, a fantasy baseball draft, and me breaking down and buying a Deadwood set... "one vile fucking task after another" - well... you know what I mean...

Music then - randomly selected from the iTunes Library - for today is Friday:

1. Rocket From the Tombs - Search & Destroy [we were listening to the iPod in the car on the drive and it occurred to me how strange it was to get through half an hour of music without any Pere Ubu, Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground or the Feelies coming up. Here today, you see, that is not an issue - no time wasted at all before the dulcet tones of Mr. Thomas grace us...]
2. Don Giovanni - Della Sua Pace [I gots some culture you know!]
3. St. Etienne - Hobart Paving
4. Pavement - Baptist Blacktick
5. My Blpody Valentine - Soon
6. Dead Boys - Not Anymore & Ain't Nothin' to Do [Cheetah, take 2!]
7. Ramsey Lewis Trio - Wade in the Water [thanks again to one of those Mojo collections - neat stuff anyway]
8. Melt Banana - Chipped Zoo on the Wall, Wastes in the Sky [8 minutes long? they are branching out in this one a bit...]
9. Bill Frisell - Have a Little Faith in Me
10. Bishop Allen - Choose Again

nice set, have to say... here's some video. Start local, with Bishop Allen - a neat song that departs a bit from their usual template:

And - since Cheetah made it twice - here's the Dead Boys...

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