Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday Music September

Starting to cool down out there - quite pleasant, down in the 50s. This is my favorite time of year - once the humidity drops off, and those cooler, drier days you get in autumn come along. Very nice.

For music this week - I'm glad I declared the second Friday of the month as my Band of the Month day - I've been woefully lazy for the last week or so. Last weekend's weather was perfectly awful - pouring rain and hot and humid and gross, and it sapped whatever ambition I might have thought about having out... As good an excuse as any I guess. In any case - this week is just another random ten week - maybe iTunes will come up with something interesting:

1. The Decembrists - the Rake's Song
2. Shonen Knife - An Angel Has Come
3. Jeremy Enigk - Wayward Love
4. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Flower Punk
5. Madonna - Take A Bow
6. Iron & Wine - Rabbit will Run
7. Jay Farrar - Chorine My Sheba Queen
8. Puerto Muerto - With a Little Help From My Friends
9. John Coltrane - Lazy Bird
10. Danielson - Hoseanna in the Forest

Quite a collection - definitely on the obscure side. Video? Let's try - live Madonna? Admittedly, not something I post a lot of...

Iron & Wine, live:

And - not the song in the list, but another Danielson song, with a video - why not?

Finally - can't embed it, but if you're looking for half an hour of Art - here's Frank and the Mothers live, 1970. Enjoy.

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