Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday on the Road

All right - I am off on a wild goose chase, a Meeting, being held in some god forsaken corner of the Commonwealth, forcing me to rise and shine at a truly horrific hour. I must be out of the house before 6:30; I am not a morning person. Alas. But nothing is going to make me miss a Friday Music Post, nothing short of the anniversary of the Second Largest Battle of the Civil War, that is... so it goes... In any case - here we go: random 10 for this Friday...

1. Billy Bragg & Wilco - The Unwelcome Guest
2. Husker Du - No Promise Have I Made
3. The Modern Lovers - The Astral Plane
4. Buddy Holly - Maybe Baby
5. Television - Careful
6. Transit Kings - America is Unavailable
7. Ghost - Images of April
8. Roxy Music - Strictly Confidential
9. Sonic Youth - Self-Obsessed and Sexxee
10. Liars - What Would They Know

And video? if I could find the Lovers or Jonathan Richman doing it, that would be better - but Yo La Tengo, plus Roger Miller, that's a decent substitute, right?

And since I will be riding around the highways of Massachusetts - Yo La Tengo and the Feelies, doing the Modern Lovers. They look just like they could...

And we need Jonathan himself, yes?

And finally - Grant Hart live, in the present, in Brazil:

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