Saturday, June 26, 2004

Bush On Irish TV

Via Sadly, No!, a link to an interview between Bush and Irish Television, and to an excellent summary at Uppish.

It's a pretty stunning performance - how often he insults the questioner - "it would be better if you let me finish my answers..." - with that look of smug self-righteousness - then on and on he goes. At one point, in the midst of a flow of blather, the interviewer tries to ask a question, and he just closes his eyes and gives his head a little shake - then keeps charging along, with his memorized speech. Nothing new. Security, weapons of mass destruction (the interviewer says, "but we didn't find" - and he gives the "let me finish line" and puts her to sleep with his blather...), Frenchmen, the UN security council said you must disarm and you know what? he didn't disarm! Except those 7 men who met me in the oval office and....

Sorry. It's hard to take.

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