Thursday, June 17, 2004

Second Post Same as Most

Slightly more content here. The purpose of this blog is to write about what catches my interest - though leaning toward culture, history, the arts. I fear, however, that a lot of the material will end up being political - it's an election year, we are in a war - and the news and blogs I read online are definitely skewed toward politics. And blogging is linking - so - there will be politics. However, I am a decided amateur when it comes to politics - I have my opinions - some of them are pretty well informed, especially when the politics starts to slip into history - but still, they are opinions. I don't have any special knowledge or insight into politics... So I imagine most political posting I do will consist mostly of links.

Now the rest - I suppose I am no less amateur when it comes to writing about arts, culture, history and so on - but I think I have a bit better grounding in some of those things, and I tend to trust my judgment more. And - when it's not an election year, and we aren't in a war - I'm far more inclined to be thinking about movies or music, or history, or philosophy or whatever. If I weren't an amateur, I would probably be some kind of "cultural studies" pro - I tend to be more interested in the soup of culture, all the stuff going on in the world, than in any field in particular. So I declare in advance that everything is fair game. But I imagine movies, history, novels and sometimes lit crit, and sometimes comics and music will dominate the content. That is the goal anyway.

Tomorrow - real content! Links! Opinions! Dick Cheney bashing! Tonight - sleep is in order.

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