Friday, June 18, 2004

Mottos and Miscellany

So that's my political quota for the night. That's the theory at least. Instead, let's turn our attention briefly to the furniture, and then to more uplifting subjects. So - first, a note on the Captain Beefheart quotes - our statement of purpose: "An assortment of observations took place" - from the song, "Old Fart at Play". One does well to start with the Captain.

So what amusements can we find today? How about a William S. Burroughs Cut Up Machine? What would old Bill make Scott McClellan?

The President is going to continue vision for this country and how that we have implemented to get is growing stronger every day. New acted decisively to get our economy it growing stronger. And all you the news, and you'll see who to talk about his optimistic, positive we can build upon the policies our economy growing stronger. Our economy jobs are being created. This administration out of a recession and get have to do is look at those individuals are.

About what you'd expect, no?

What else what else what else? Slacktivist has a good series of posts up about Christian entertainment. I might try to comment on them - for now, I just point you that way.

And another of my favorite sites, Long Story; Short Pier (you could probably guess it's one of my favorite sites - it's one of only 6 on the "culture" blogroll; never fear - the list will grow, it will, yes...) has A Cavalcade of Comics Coverage! up.

That's a modest start, but it's a start.

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