Monday, March 18, 2013

A Personal Aside

I am not the most prolific poster ever, but this week is worse than usual, and the reason, I'm afraid, is worse yet. One of my closest friends died last week - suddenly, an aneurism, and young. Today would have been his 51st birthday. We met in college, he lived next door to me in the dorm, and we hit it off quickly, as we were both history nerds, politics junkies, baseball fans and gamers. After college, he stayed in the area, and we shared apartments or lived up the street, and continued to get together to go book shopping, watch baseball or play games. When he moved back home to Pennsylvania, we stayed in touch, playing games online, getting together every year or so with as much of the old gang as we could find. It is unimaginable to think I won't see him again.

A couple of my friends drove down to PA for the service - a long, tiring drive, but a chance to remember him, see his family, remember how generous all of them were, remind myself too that all of our families liked him as much as we did. We will miss him.

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