Friday, March 01, 2013

Friday Random Music

This is a very welcome Friday let me tell you. It has been a long, tiring week - for good reasons, as well as bad - the good, some cousins in town, and a very fine time had by all; the bad - oy - rain, sleet, wind, and a variety of system outages at work, culminating yesterday in E-mail outages - which comes damned close to shutting down the company... I hope for a restful weekend - one with some good films to see... Stoker opens - that's to the good.

Oh - and happy birthday to Jacques Rivette!

On to the music - there might be some movement on this score in the coming weeks - if I ever listen to the new Nick Cave or Atoms for Peace or Richard Thompson or Pere Ubu records I have recently acquired. One would hope - that is a stellar lineup, with a couple of my All Time Absolute Favorites in there, and Cave not far from that himself... but time will tell. Today - we've got the shuffle to keep us entertained.

1. Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A Changin'
2. Spirit - Morning Will Come
3. John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey - That Was My Veil
4. Mission of Burma - Train
5. Peter Laughner - Rock it Down
6. Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place
7. Decembrists - Sons & Daughters
8. The Carter Family - Sea of Galilee
9. Snuff - I Can't Explain
10. Zulus - Gotta Have Faith

That brings back memories - the Zulus were ubiquitous in Boston in the late 80s, and I saw them half a dozen times, easily. Alas, they were not documented so well as they could have been - I cannot find video of that song, which was usually the show ender - so... this works, Directly From Our Heart to Yours...

And - another singalong, like You Gotta Have Faith.... the Decembrists:

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Sam Juliano said...

Once saw The Decemberests in concert at the Jersey City Loews back around 2006, but I don't remember which album served as the main work. I do like their music, especially the lush ballads, and much appreciate their use of folklore and historical incidents.

Tour #1 there is of course an all-time classic, and one of my favorite Dylan albums.

Wonderful to see Jacques Rivette reaching a rip old age!