Friday, March 22, 2013

Reelin' in the Years Indeed

After a week of melancholy and angst, I am back for another go at the happy Friday Ritual of the Random Ten. Though before we get to the random ten, look what I found! (It was Nancy Nall who posted it.) Donnie and Marie, on ice, doing comedy, with a Steely Dan!

What might be most amazing is that despite the efforts of all involved, they can't ruin the song....

And so - iTunes, what have you for us today?

1. Boris - Czechoslovakia
2. Johnnie Taylor - Jody's Got Your Girl and Gone
3. Rites of Spring - Other Way Round
4. Jane's Addiction - End to your Lies [oh yeah - they still exist, don't they?]
5. Mogwai - Emergency Trap
6. Big Star - St 100/6
7. Bee Gees - More than a Woman
8. Jay Farrar - Angel's Blues
9. Motorhead - Bite the Bullet
10. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Shout

So - video? It is hard to imagine anything more 70s than the Osmonds - but this live Johnnie Taylor clip might make it. Certainly goes a long way toward redeeming the decade from the horrors of ice skating mormons.

though - speaking of the 70s - I think the Dan needs to state their own case.... maybe with the guitarists purple velvet pants.

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