Friday, March 29, 2013

Oh Good! Friday!

Well - happy Easter weekend and all... I am not sure I can come up with anything thematic for the weekend, but I guess that's just as well. Still - it is the season of resurrection and new hope, and even hard-bitten old me has to acknowledge the power of this weekend, one in which I truly do stop to take a moment and think of this powerful reminder that everything that dies comes back. Even I think of higher things this weekend - I do love Opening Day!

Anyway - more on that later this weekend... for now - random music!

1. Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond
2. Johnny Cash - Let the Train Whistle Blow
3. PJ Harvey - Ecstasy
4. Outkast - Xplosion
5. Pavement - Zurich is Stained
6. The Slits - Earthbeat
7. Big Star - Kizza Me
8. Michael Jackson - Wanna be Startin' Something
9. Theoretical Girls - Theoretical Girls
10. Dinosaur Jr. - Almost Ready

Video? let's be startin' something with some live Jacko - how's that?

And some Floyd - that also seems like a good choice.

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